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Trek au Ladakh
Arrivé au monastère à 4800 m d'altitude. Je me réchauffe avec un thé au beurre de Yak... Un peu aigre ce breuvage, mais reconstituant ! L'accueil chaleureux des moines boudhiste nous fera vite oublier les rigueurs du trek...
Snowkite : a revolution on the snow
January 2004 : 20 years after the first snowboards, the snowkite is a new revolution on the snow...
Gringos surfers en Baja California
A reportage commissioned by VSD in august 2002 about a surf community in Mexico. Back to the roots of surfing history en Baja California.
Professionnal surfer is not an easy job
A reportage commissioned by Max in Mai 2003 about professionnal female surfer in Fiji Island... This is not such an easy job to do. Even in paradise !


A catamaran odyssey in Thailand

Sailing from one island to another, living on grilled fish and sleeping on beaches of paradise...

Walking & riding in Cappadocia

The Cappadocia is like a daydream. Discover it also in the magazines Voici & Point de vue

GR20, the crossing path

The most famous track of the "Grande Randonnée" is in Corsica. Report for Alpirando Mag.

Antonin snowboarding in Sahara

Antonin, an inveterate snowboard addict, also surfs on the dunes in the Sahara...

A meeting with the sperm whale

This morning we've come across a twelve metre long sperm whale. I slide into the water...

The road of whales in Quebec

Blue whales, fin whales, humpback whales and belugas...

Humpback whales of Samana Bay

Whale watching : discover Humpback whales of Samana Bay Dominican Republic.

Under construction !

Alizés, hobiecat, langoustes, noix de coco et bivouacs sauvages. L'aventure telle que vous l'avez rêvé !

JT: a China Town kid

JT was one of San Francisco's most respected skaters. A report published in XL in '96.

Tribes of North Vietnam

A pedestrian raid in the heart of isolated territories inhabited by ancestral ethnic minorities.

Ecuador: along the vulcano range

Superb but aggressive nature, capricious weather... Ecuadorian mountains don't spare anyone!

Unknown people of the Philippines

From the Banaue's age-old terrace ricefields to the paradise islets of the Sulu Sea...

Philippines in bancas and jeepney

Bancas are the best way to move quickly and to keep in touch with nature and populations

Trekking in the Atlas

The massif of the Atlas has always drawn walkers from all over the world...

Mountain biking in the Draa valley

In the South of Morocco flows the Draa valley. The best way to discover it is on a mountain bike.

Initiation to the desert

If you've never spent a night in the middle of dunes, you haven't lived anything yet...

Trekking in Sahara with camels

Walking one week in the desert is like walking in week out of the time...

Canyoning in Guadeloupe

Emerald torrent, deep forest, ensorceled waterfalls... (under construction).

Paradise island in Fiji

Diving, fishing, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, foilboarding...

Rando en Auvergne

Trekking in Auvergne (page under construction, but pictures available)

Rando en Queyras

Trekking in Queyras (page under construction, but pictures available)

Whale watching Cruise

Whale watching cruise in Caraibean sea (page under construction, but pictures available)

Adventures in Peru

Altitude 4800 m. The muleteers celebrate Pachamama...

Ladakh mountains and monastery

Treking in Ladakh : visit boudhist monastery...

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Mysteries of Zone 51

What's happening on Road 375? A report not far away from the most secret Army base...

Cyber-suckers or TV-citizens?

I wrote these 2 science-fiction stories for Globe Hebdo which published them in '94.

Australian surf business

A reportage commissioned by VSD in may 2002 about Australian surf industry.

Longboard en Baja California

A reportage commissioned by VSD in august 2002 about Baja surf community.

Professionnal surfer is not an easy job

A reportage commissioned by Max in mai 2003 in Fiji paradise Island.

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Alain Prost: a snowboard addict

Interview with the F1 World Champion, before he leaps from a helicopter on his snowboard.

Guidebook for snowboard beginners

Everything you need to know to learn the easiest sliding sport. For Wind magazine in '95.

Snowboard full tilt

Published in l'Equipe Magazine for those not yet familiar with this new Winter Olympic sport.

The Vercors with snowshoes

Imagine you're a trapper and discover the icy vastness of the Natural Regional Parkof Vercors..

Carving skiing is so easy !

Influencé par le surf, le ski a plus évolué en 2 saisons qu'au cours des 20 hivers précédents.

Freestyle skiing

Influenced by snowboarders, these new skieurs are invading the Alpes this winter.

Freestyle photo sequence by Jonath

Jonathan Colomb Paton was the best french freestyler in Nagano Olympics games...

Heliski around the world

Skiing on virgin snow is the dream of any skier. Thank's to heliskiing you can realise it at least once in your live.

Snowkite in col du Lautaret

The first real revolution of the snow since the snowboard was invented...

Heliski in Canada

Canadian Rocky Mountains, 3000 m altitude, we jump from the heli...

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Bicycle of the year 2000

Bicycle have changed little -- until now . An investigation made for the magazine VSD in '95.

In-line skating: you can do it

A report for Phosphore mag in 96. Forget the subway, "in-line" is the best to get around the city...

Marc Vinco at champion's school

17 years old and already 5-time World Champion of mountain biking... In Phosphore mag in '96.

The Cousteau generation

If the adventures of theCalypso punctuated your chilldhood... For Vital magazine in '97.

Hip-hop: top groove

15 years on, it's the great comeback of "smurf"... in dance classes and gyms!

Scubadiving in Philippines

One of the best places in the world, Philippines offer excellent dives at rock-bottom prices.

A revolutionary sailing boat

Sailing boats of the futur may looks like airplanes. Discover the hydropter...

Paragliding : learn to fly

Your dream can come true, like Cédric 12 years old... Without any risques !

Scuba-diving in Read Sea

Only a few hours away from Paris, the Red Sea is a wonderful aquarium !

Leçon de roller fitness

Un petit cours en images animées pour se muscler les fesses... en roller fitness !

Total inline skating guide

Petits jobs en roller, trips au bout du monde, randonnées partout en France...

Diving in Guadeloupe

Débutants ou experts, la réserve Cousteau est un paradis préservé pour les plongeurs...

Sea kayak in France

Sea kayak is the best way to discover french coast...


Inventé dans les années 70, le bicross est un petit vélo sans vitesses...

VTT Trial

Vous n'imaginez pas tout ce qu'il est possible de faire avec un VTT Trial !

Kitesurf in Dominican Republic

Alizes have made Cabarete on of the most famous kitesurf spot of the Caraibean.

Paramoteur (under construction)

On a jamais frabriqué de meilleur train d'atterrissage que les jambes !

Foilboard : a surf from the futur

Amazing : Foilboard is a new sliding technology !

Parcours accrobatique forestier

Jouer les Tarzans de branches en branches dans une fôret bien de chez nous

Canyoning dans le Verdon

Falaises géantes, eaux vives, sources et cascades vivifiantes...

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"I will come back with limbs of iron, with dark skin, and angry eyes : in this mask, they will think I belong to a strong race. I will have gold : I will be brutal and indolent. Women nurse these ferocious invalids come back from the tropics. I will become involved in politics. Saved." Arthur Rimbaud - A season in hell

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